Artist Pam Beyette
  Seattle Justice Center Art Plan

4th Avenue Cultural Corridor Design

4th Avenue Arts Corridor Streetscape


4th Avenue Arts Corridor Streetscape

As part of an overall master plan for the City of Edmond's 4th Avenue Arts Corridor, Pam created a conceptual art plan that capitalized on the Edmonds Center for the Arts as a destination. In this plan, art unifies the corridor experience, embraces the community's culture, creates artistic diversity and most of all celebrates the performing arts. During the development of the plan, she participated in and contributed to public and staff briefings, meetings, workshops and charettes, gleaning information and generating discussions about the importance of site specific artwork in the public right of way. Beyette worked in collaboration with Anindita Mitra, Davidya Kasperzyk, AIA and Matt Mathes, ASLA.

4th Ave Arts Corridor
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Conceptual Art Plan