Artist Pam Beyette
  Seattle Justice Center Art Plan

4th Avenue Cultural Corridor Design

4th Avenue Arts Corridor Streetscape


Early in the design process of the City of Edmonds' 4th Avenue Cultural Corridor public art was expressed as an essential element in the redevelopment of the streetscape.  Edmonds' long history as an ‘arts town' & its connection to the waterfront, make ‘Art in the Water Garden' a compelling concept. Like water to the garden, art nourishes the community environment. Art paints the streetscape & its public amenities with color, texture & meaning. Art plants the seeds of creative ideas & metaphors that cultivate the corridor as it evolves over time.

The 4th Avenue Cultural Corridor Design Implementation & Funding Plan, Edmonds WA; LMN Architects, SvR Design Company & Read Wagnor. As design team member & artist,  participated in the planning & production of the conceptual design document for 4th Avenue.

pdf icon 4th Avenue Cultural Corridor Design Implementation

4th Avenue Cultural Corridor
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Art & Cultural Corridor Conceptual Design