Artist Pam Beyette
  Ahead of the Curve

Water's Filters

Lay of the Land

Nature's Filters

Eight Luminaries


Art & Justice


Alluvial Bench Marks

Glass Water Wall

Tree and Wetland Shelter

Arboreal Imprints

The Lawful Right of Way

For Rhyme or Reason

Impressions in Time


"Impressions in Time" - 1994

Public Safety Building Lobby,
Redmond, WA
Redmond Arts Commission Public Art Project

"Impressions in Time" is a series of four permanent installations reflecting people, places and events of Redmond´s past, present and future. The artwork incorporates recycled materials which were donated from Redmond's high tech industry and in addition, mementos, photos and records from the Redmond Police, Finance Department and City Archives.

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