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Art & Justice


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The Lawful Right of Way

For Rhyme or Reason

Impressions in Time


"Art & Justice"

Seattle Justice Center, Seattle Civic Campus, 5th Ave & Cherry, Seattle, WA

Lead Artist: Pam Beyette with Michael Davis, Norie Sato and Richard Turner, Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs Public Art Program, NBBJ Architects and Executive Services Department.

"Points of View", the courts lobby & plaza artwork, suggests the ideal balance of justice and the compassion and rippling effect an individual's action has on society at large. The floor marks express this ripple effect with a pattern of fragmented arcs that emanate from the base of the sculpture into the courts lobby and plaza.

"Witness and Dilemma, Levels, Weights and Measures" the courts stairwell artwork is comprised of 28 cast bronze sculptures where metaphor, rebus and symbol are used to explore ideas of justice in daily life.

"Codes & Protocols" the Police Headquarters lobby artwork addresses the complexity of police work while expressing the mission of the department, "to protect and serve". The bronze reliefs are inspired by the basket weave of police belts and holsters and the sculptures, wall medallions and stone seats employ symbolic and metaphorical meanings that speak of the everyday reliability that citizens expect from the police that protect their lives and property.

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