Artist Pam Beyette
  Ahead of the Curve

Water's Filters

Lay of the Land

Nature's Filters

Eight Luminaries


Art & Justice


Alluvial Bench Marks

Glass Water Wall

Tree and Wetland Shelter

Arboreal Imprints

The Lawful Right of Way

For Rhyme or Reason

Impressions in Time


"Nature's Filter"

Environmental Services Facility, Arts & Science Council, Charlotte, NC.

"Nature's Filters" explores the complex world of organisms in the universe of water. The images are symbolic markers of a balanced healthy aquatic environment. The artwork takes the form of a floating glass canopy installation at the entrance of the lab.

It embraces my fascination for water and its restorative, reflective and metaphorical qualities.  It offers a means to explore approaches to art that educate the community about the universe of water as the primary source of life and the process of protecting our environment.  It transforms the technical experts experience into art that speaks to memory, mystery and natural influences unique to the region.

Fabrication by Derix Glasstudio Taunusstein, Germany,

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Glass Canopy at Night