Artist Pam Beyette
  Ahead of the Curve

Water's Filters

Lay of the Land

Nature's Filters

Eight Luminaries


Art & Justice


Alluvial Bench Marks

Glass Water Wall

Tree and Wetland Shelter

Arboreal Imprints

The Lawful Right of Way

For Rhyme or Reason

Impressions in Time

  YV Tech, Yakima WA, Washington State Commission

The artwork takes the form of a spine, pendulum and ground plane on the exterior entry plaza. The installation metaphorically references the school's curriculum that provides practical experience, active participation and applied knowledge.

The stainless steel spine relates to the core curriculum that supports personal development, change and transition. The bronze pendulum, suspended from the spine, represents a measuring device. The bronze ground plane records the action of the pendulum.

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The Spine, Pendulum and Ground Plane